Customer Testimonials

Some of the feedback we receive …

There is a big difference between your stoles and the stoles we have bought from previous vendors, very impressive quality. Thank you so much and I will have another order for you next year.
Lynne Folder from North Carolina

Your printing is very good on the budget stoles we took from you, I cant fault it, but the embroidered stoles were something very special. Thanks for everything.
James Labonne from Seattle

I will defiantly be ordering again from you next year.
Patty Jones from San Diego

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You and your team did a great job, thanks so much, I will pass your information on to my successor next year.
Arnold T. Nash from Virginia

Thanks for your support over the past stole season, we appreciate it very much.
Stole Reseller from USA

Great quality embroidery and all arrived with plenty of time to spare. Your service was wonderful from start to finish - thanks so much.
David Frank from New Jersey

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I highly recommend Doreen and her team at, they made the whole thing so easy and the quality of their stoles is much better than I have found elsewear.
Dr. P. Smythe from California

We received the first 2000 pieces last week and inspected them one by one. Not even a single defect. Very happy to have finally found a producer that understands total quality commitment in both product and service. Well done!
Samantha Richards from New York

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